Grenjađarstađur BL03-07-03

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Grenjadarstadur BL03-07-03


The gabled farm was one of the largest and most profitable livings of its kind. There was a Catholic church here long before the Lutheran Reformation in the early 16th century. The early church was dedicated to St. Martin and contained a magnificent altar cloth that is now in the Louvre. The current church dates from 1865. In the churchyard is the15th century grave of Sigrid Hrafnsdóttir inscribed with a runic text. In the gatehouse hang two ancient bells, the larger cast in Denmark in 1663 and the smaller in 1740.

Camera: Nikon D2X | Lens: 17-55mm | Exposure: 1/350s | Aperture: F/9.5 | ISO 200

March 11:00